Auto Salvage Yards are the leftover of a dying era. They grew in a time when new cars broke down after 30,000 miles and you weren't a red blooded American if you couldn't install a new alternator. These days, most of us don't even change our own oil. Weekend trips to Chicago junk yards used to be a right of passage to adulthood for teens trying to get junk cars in working order.

Today, most junk and salvage yards in the Chicago area are environmental disasters. They're unfortunately located near major waterways because shipping is the cheapest way to transport junk cars. Salvage yards' shrinking popularity, along with their serious environmental impact, is logically shrinking the business.

As a result, they can offer far less for junk cars than the more modern car removal businesses, not to mention the tax deductions offered by charities. While junk yards still help some people to keep beloved classics on the road, most of the used parts business has gone online. In short, while salvage yards won't all disappear in the near future, it'll soon be like trying to find a drive-in movie theater.


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