we buy Junk Cars in Dallam county, Texas (TX)

As the second largest State by geographic size and population, Texas prides itself on being much more than an equal part of the 50 United States. The term “six flags over Texas” reflects the complex foundations and contemporary experience that is Texas. These six flags represent past Texas governments, and reflect the complexity that is uniquely Texas culture.

Texas has been home to various proud Native American Tribes, been claimed by Spain, France and Mexico, has spent time as an Independent Republic, and been one of the most influential States in the U.S. since it became one in 1845.

Texas discovered oil in the early 1900s, and their economic history has been tied to traditional industrial, energy, and transportation applications ever since.

Houston and Austin’s skylines, as well as Santa Fe and Brownsville’s economic vitality, have long relied on a traditional focus on energy, as well as forward thinking on cultural acceptance of new and old ideas. Texas is the result of a wonderful mix of multi-cultural acceptance, tradition, and modern ideas.

We quickly understood that most Texas business was a very local enterprise. Like most folks, Texas residents would rather do business with neighbors. When we first tried to work our way into the Texas Salvage and Junk Car market, we got confused.

We were one of the biggest car salvage companies, and Texans always say they like all things big. We also offered the most cash for junk cars, and Texans certainly value the dollar as much as the next American. We worked long and hard to account for the constantly changing economic realities of Texas. All resulted in limited success.

We eventually learned that to do business in Texas, we needed to partner with Texans. We’ve spent years developing successful business relationships with Texas towing companies, auto salvage yards, car removal specialists, and every other type of enterprise that can be lumped into the junk car business

While our national junk car business has taught us that every State, County, and town has a separate feel and business environment, we’ve long recognized that we’ll never really be able to succeed without the partnership of Texas natives.

If you’re looking to sell your junk car for the most cash possible, our national reach allows us to do that. However, the car removal and auto salvage businesses that will pick up your old car will be Texans whose trust we’re proud to have earned.


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